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Random lockups & timing problems

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Mainly i have two problems with ePSXe 1.4.0. :(
Is anyone else having the same probs ?
Is there a way to fix them out ?

Here they are :
1 - Games randomly lockups, still the emu runs but the game is frozen.
2 - The "timing" is really bad, especially with music and while CD access.

Explaining case 1 : the emu still responds and you can quit it. I haven't tried to SaveLoad State to see what happens, sorry. Maybe i'll do this when it happens agains.
Explaining case 2 : using ISOs reduces the slowdown while loading but does not suppress it. The music is speeding up / slowing down as the emu wants, or should i say as the game is played. The music speed is stable if you do nothing.

The current version is the only one i really tested, i tried 1.2.0 "back in time" but not enough to say if the problems are recurrent.

Mainly, games tested are : FFTactics, FrontMission3, VagrantStory, FF9, Wipeout3SE, and maybe a few more i forgot ...
I got the lockups only in FF9 and FM3, but there are the olny ones i played for more than 5 minutes (others were just "tested", not "played").
I got timing problems with all the games except WO3, the most expressive being FM3.

My current config should be in my profile.

:) That's all folks ! :D Thanks for all answers. :)

As an advice i can say to all Win2k users to set realtime prority to the emu process using task manager.
This suppress MDEC tickling and allows most power to your emu.
Also using specific FPS limitation helps reducing the timing problems.
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One correction Rargh,it's not"frameskip limit" but " frame per second limit".
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