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Random lockups & timing problems

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Mainly i have two problems with ePSXe 1.4.0. :(
Is anyone else having the same probs ?
Is there a way to fix them out ?

Here they are :
1 - Games randomly lockups, still the emu runs but the game is frozen.
2 - The "timing" is really bad, especially with music and while CD access.

Explaining case 1 : the emu still responds and you can quit it. I haven't tried to SaveLoad State to see what happens, sorry. Maybe i'll do this when it happens agains.
Explaining case 2 : using ISOs reduces the slowdown while loading but does not suppress it. The music is speeding up / slowing down as the emu wants, or should i say as the game is played. The music speed is stable if you do nothing.

The current version is the only one i really tested, i tried 1.2.0 "back in time" but not enough to say if the problems are recurrent.

Mainly, games tested are : FFTactics, FrontMission3, VagrantStory, FF9, Wipeout3SE, and maybe a few more i forgot ...
I got the lockups only in FF9 and FM3, but there are the olny ones i played for more than 5 minutes (others were just "tested", not "played").
I got timing problems with all the games except WO3, the most expressive being FM3.

My current config should be in my profile.

:) That's all folks ! :D Thanks for all answers. :)

As an advice i can say to all Win2k users to set realtime prority to the emu process using task manager.
This suppress MDEC tickling and allows most power to your emu.
Also using specific FPS limitation helps reducing the timing problems.
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Well, FM3 is known to have timing issues w/ ePSXe, so I suggest u to forget it...

Could u put ur plugins configuration please?
That would be very helpful.

(I think particularly at the frame per second limit and the Video mode that could cause ur problems...)


Are u ok w/ it now?
(if man just cannot do errors...^^ )
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Well, ntsc games are running at 60fps
Pal ones at 50 fps
Change ur fps limit according to the version of the game u want to play

Disable the cdrom status (enable it only for Gran turismo 1&2)
Disable the mask bit option
disable the special games fixes

Check all the boxes in the spu configuration pannel (not iori s one)
Give a try to the internal spu too

Actually vagrant story is having troubles w/ sound but the best spu for this game is the internal one (I ve tested all the spu plugins)

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Originally posted by HBK
I perfectly know the timings for NTSC/PAL games ;) but FM3 runs best at "30FPS Limit" with "PC FPS Calculation", that's a fact, at least on my config :confused:
I must add i'm using FSAA 4x :D disabling it povides regular speed up, but does not solve the music speeding up / slowing down :(

FM3 needs "Accurate CDROM Timing" to run, if not : loadings freezes.
The "Mask Bit" greatly improves display (transparencies).
The "Special Games Fixes" are all disabled except "PC FPS Calcuation".

All the SPU options are enabled, if not there would be almost no sound :eek:
I've already given a try to the internal SPU and it's the most compatible :) but not with the best sound :(

I know VS have sound problems, it may come from the plugins but from the emu as well ...

Anyway, it seems i've been the only one to get game freezes :mad:

Well i thank u for the tips w/ FM3.
I ll may be able to run it correctly.

I have a question.
Since u are using Win2k sp2...Have u experienced freeze up w/ it (I mean w/o playing...Cuz' i m experiencing the same way.
I perhaps solve my problems w/ it by reinstalling it.Thx again to cluthu.)
Check this should help

And forgot to warn ya: If possible, try not to overclock ur graphic card / cpu.
It may cause crashes...

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Hey, i didn t even noticed u were french :D

Thx a lot for the stick tip.
Anyways, I ll upgrade my pc soon.
ah i remember the time (in fact last summer) where the ram was so expensive that I was forced to buy a 64pc 100 stick from my friend at the cost of 250 FF :(

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