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Last time i got picture #1 was in October '03
Now you can navigate thru all menus :)
For some reason the rotating car appears not in "car selection", but in "car setup".

PCSX2 (beta 17/11/04) crashes at 0049ACA0 if you try to load actual 3D gameplay.

:0049ABBD push offset aErrorAllocatin ; "Error allocating memory"
:0049ABC2 push offset aPcsx2 ; "pcsx2"
:0049ABC7 call ds:dgettext
:0049ABDA sub_49AA10 endp ; sp = 8
EIP :0049ACA0 rep stosd

Quote from IDA manual:
"If IDA suspects that an operand can be represented as something different from a plain number, it will mark the operand as "suspicious" and display it in red/orange."
Don't know though what that means :rolleyes: :
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