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raine (0.50.17) unstable; urgency=low

* Closing the window of the emulator doesn't trigger a segfault anymore
(well the segfault was quiting too, but in windows this was producing a
ugly error message, so it's better now !)
* Fixed a stupid bug in the "next" console command
* The video options dialog shows only the options for yuv overlay when in
autodetect mode since overlays are the default, you must now choose
explicitely "force normal blits" to see the scalers/scanlines options.
* Double buffer is forced even when using yuv overlays in fullscreen mode in
windows. Normaly video synchronization should be handled by overlays but
since it's very messy to configure, it's probably better to force it here.
If your overlays correctly handle video sync, then you can disable double
buffer in the video options to trust your overlays.
* Fixed a tremendous bug in hq3x/32bpp and hq2x/32bpp, the left part of the
game bitmap was cut.
* Fixed a crash when switching to hq3x in the middle of a game
* Darwin (mac os x) becomes an "experimental" target. Neoraine can be built
for it, and raine can be built only if not too many drivers are compiled
in! This thing makes me nuts, its linker is completely crazy. Anyway there
is now a new tool for building light version of raine :
in games, which allows to choose which game drivers you want to include.
Once you have chosen, it includes the required cpu emulators/sound
drivers. It might be usefull when building for small systems...

neoraine (1.2.1) unstable; urgency=low

* Fixed a crash when restoring a savegame in kof98 (too many pcm uploads)
* Savegames could be badly restored starting in version 1.2.0 because of a
change in the handling of the main ram.
* Added an error message when trying to load a game from a .cue file and the
iso defined in the cue file is not readable.
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Thanks, I downloaded them. ;)
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