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cloudvii said:
Actually I'm sure many of you know already about this game , and that I'm the one who was sleeping in an icy cave for many years :p .
...heh heh... I guess you can say something like that, yeah ;) (no offence)

...the connection betwen CT/CC and Radical Dreamers was known even to non-Japanese speaking CT fans, for several years now (even before the game was translated).
Even I have heard about this game, and I'm not exactly the "console game savvy" kind of person - far from it, actually !! (suffice it to say, that I've yet to finish CT or CC :p ).

Anyway, it's good to see that more and more people get to know this game, and actually like playing it, too !! :) (I'm saying this because adventure games tend not to be very popular - especially nowadays).
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