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Well, I have a few surprises for you this time!

First, new Radeon Omega Drivers (v2.5.90) are available!

These are based on the ATI 8.07 Beta drivers, which incorporate some major performance improvements over previous drivers for cards with 256MB of ram, and some small improvements for the rest of the cards.

Second, a lot of changes have been made in this release, most of them enhancements and fixes, so PLEASE, take a look at the readme file in the downloads page BEFORE mailing me with questions, I'm really tired of getting questions that are already answered in there.

Third, the Omega Control Panel has changed and new stuff has been added, so if you have any questions about it, just take a look at the new "CP HELP" ATI section I designed, it explains most of the advanced settings.

Fourth, I'm proud to announce that this is the FIRST DRIVER SET IN THE WORLD to incorporate fully working controls for the new ATI "AI" feature, and great part is, there is no need to install CCC or .NET in order to use it. ATI won't be relasing drivers with AI support until Cat 4.10 and I guess other "people" will start releasing drivers with support for AI now that my drivers are out, oh well, let's see IF they manage to make it run without CCC... ;)

Fifth, I have excellent news for laptop users that had the video problem since Cat 4.6, take a look at the readme for the full info.
What's New? (2k/XP 2.5.90)

* Based on the Beta Catalyst 8.07 drivers.

* Fixed Radlinker installation issues, now it should give NO errors.

* Updated the Advanced 3D control panel to include Color/Gamma settings, so I disabled the normal ATI Color tab.

* Enabled WMV hardware acceleration.

* Fixed a bug with some Radeon cards (mostly 8500 and 9000) which caused texture corruption in some 3D games/applications. Thanks to lockves for the tip.

* Fixed a few install/uninstall issues which caused some old settings to stay in the registry even after installing/uninstalling the drivers.

* Enabled Geometry Instancing in supported cards (R300 and up).

* Enabled AI support without the need to use or install CCC.

* The Advanced 3D Control Panel has changed, now both D3D and OGL settings are applied using Global controls in the 3D tab, and specific D3D and OGL settings have been moved to the Options tab. This was the only way to add AI support to the drivers.

* Found the cause of the laptop video playback problem, see note #1 in the readme for the fix.

Known bugs:
* Hibernation and Standby are not working properly, I'm working on this.
enjoy this set ;) i like a lot the new control panel and using the AI without the need of the CCC or even .net installed is so great =D

i love omegadude ^^

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hmmm love these, with their AI implementation and WMV acceleration (which finally works...but mebe thats cuz im using MP10 now). Gave me a 20 point boost in 03 to 6828 with AI set to Normal. too bad i already deleted 05 :p. mebe ill investigate the effect of AI on the benchmark :)


AI set to normal:6792
AI set to 6819

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Wow... good news... Thanks alot Lady... Downloading.
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