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Radeon 9600Pro

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I've just bought this video card and I noticed the annoying chirping sound coming from it when it's "busy". The more I burden the card (e.g. play any video game designed for PC), the louder is the sound. Is that normal or is it just a bad installation?
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I've never heard of a video card making a sound unless it's something like a GeForce 6800 GT/Ultra without any Molex power connectors plugged into it.
That is strange. Maybe try to re-seat the card in the agp slot. Check the fan on the heatsink if there is one, that could be dying or needs a bit of oil.
So that means I'm not retarded - a video card should not make any sounds (even similar to the ones of grasshoppers as my card does). The fan spins always, so I doubt if it might cause the problem. Since the card works louder only when I launch programs that require massive calculations for video rendering, it might simply be defective. I guess the best would be using my warranty.
It's probably the fan making the noise. I've bought video cards brand new that had crappy, noisy fans right out of the box.
My 9600XT can't be heard. Something wrong with that I think.
I own both a 9600pro and 9800pro and have perhaps heard of such a problem, Is the sound comming form inside your case or your speakers?
No, the sound is coming from the inside of the case and it can only be heard when I play games or launch vizualizations in Winamp, for example. For testing reasons I usually switch off my speakers. The chirping is not very loud, but still annoying. First I thought it was normal, but if you say that video cards usually are perfectly silent (as my previous Radeon 9200 made no noises), I decided to bring it back to its vendor. They promised to change it.
The only think I could think of that will make chirping sounds in a PC would be electrical arcs
Have you had the case off whilst using winamp visualisations to get a better idea?
Ridiculously, the replaced card makes the exact same noises as the previous one. But I found a solution. In the images below you can see similar cards to the one I own. It seems like the part I boxed causes the problem. Touching it has no effect, but putting my finger on the corresponding area in the opposite side of the card eliminates all noises. I could stick something in that place, but not knowing for what reason is that detail used it would not be very clever. Besides, if my finger does not cover the entire area, the chipset starts "screeming" and the system crashes.

So anyone knows what is the function of this part?
They're electrical chokes.

Since many electrical devices may be connected to the same power lines (or power supply lines), quite a bit of electrical noise can exist on these lines.. that's what the chokes are for. However, that's high frequency electrical noise which shouldn't be audible by human ears.. it may be bad on your card.
Maybe his ears are extra sensitive or his PSU is causing the problem
it may be bad on your card.
Pay attention: "on your cards" as it's the second one.

So maybe you can tell if it is dangerous to cover the noise making area?

Maybe his ears are extra sensitive
They are definitely able to catch a 3kHz sound frequency that the chipset produces.
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