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Ive been looking about as I own a radeon64 and was considering upgradeing to a 8500 sometime,but from what I've seen and read ati have blown it again.Fair enough the cards only just been released but the release drivers seem the same as they preview drivers that toms hardware previewed 2 months or so ago,and if ati aint improved/implemented the new features since then whats to say they will anytime soon.
I bought my radeon and I'm satisfied with it but the drivers have never released the full potential of my card with out tweaking.
I formatted the otherday and dloaded the newest beta drivers for it and they sucked big time so I had to dload another set which were better but the thing is these 2 sets of drivers came in at a total size of 20summat mb which is just annoying on a 56k.
When I bought my card all I heard was atis drivers are getting better but all the sets Ive ever tried are allmost the same (within 5% fps wise).
Im also sick of getting a new driver set only to find the vid in wont work and as for the fsaa on my radeon well it just plain sux,either it doesnt work in most of the drivers or it makes no dissernable difference.
So Im not gonna buy another ati card untill ati proves there drivers are actually releasing the full potential of the card.
Its a pity as they 8500 has some good looking features but ati seem more interested in saying our card can do this and the geforce cant when in actuall fact the radeons exclusive features are never/rarelly used.
mmmmmm I think my next cards gonna be a g3...pity
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