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Alright, so, I have an r4i Gold 3DS flashcard and i've been playing Bowser's inside story for the past few months, but when my r4 was acting up and I had to switch over to Acekard firmware for it to actually work, I couldn't play my old save file anymore. Like, it shows up in the main menu and all, but when I click on it and it starts to load in- it stays black forever.

Obviously I tried going back to wood, but, it still didn't work. I am able to load and play my save file on DeSmuME and everything, so i figured- Why not try and use that Shunyweb converter? Maybe if I export a .sav from DeSmuME it would work, and if not, try and convert it to various other .sav files.

none of this is working. I... am running out of ideas. I was very far into game, I don't wanna start over. I-I understand if i'll have to, though, because it's starting to feel like my game data has been corrupted. I just wanna do everything possible beforehand.

It would also appear that my save file on Super Princess Peach is just... gone. While again I can still load it up on DeSmuME, the game just... doesn't detect it at all? Is that a hint twards anything? It is also this way with Partners in time. This, on the other hand, is an issue i'd like to tackle another day- But if you DO know whats wrong, that doesn't mean I wont listen! [UPDATE] It's also this way with Nintendog's aswell.

If there's any sort of information that would help you all, i'll gladly tell you or send a video- whatever you need. Uhh... I am not quite sure what I am using anymore, seeing as how when I go to settings and change the interface- Black says it's acekard, gbatemp (it's original one) says it's wood? So im guessing that the last time I changed it, I changed it back to wood 1_64.

Sorry for any bad English! ^^;
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