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R.I.P. Ernst Mayr

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"Ernst Mayr, a Harvard University evolutionary biologist called "the Darwin of the 20th century," has died, the school said Friday. He was 100."

One of the great names in evolutionary biology of all times has died. The world lost one more of it's geniuses. Mayr wrote more than 25 books in his lifetime. It's in times like this that I feel that involuntary death is the worst evil that still besieges mankind.
That's why I've recently donated to the The Methuselah Mouse Prize , in addition to the Singularity Institute. Fighting death is a very important task this century.
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I concur. Sometimes i feel it's a shame when everything that a man has done is lost. His efforts... everything he did. There are exceptions though and in this case his great work can't be lost forever because of his books but his loss is sad anyway.
This man saw an entire century and gave too much to science. Imagine if everyone of us would be able to share as much as he did. We'd be living at Saturn right now.
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