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Quitting ePSXe - feature request?

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I recently installed ePSXe on a Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) computer. Given the right command line switches it integrates perfectly into the GUI.

I cannot, however, quit ePSXe by any other means than pressing ESC on my keyboard to exit fullscreen mode, then choosing File > Exit. This is sad, because I want to be able to quit ePSXe by pressing a button on my (Hauppauge) remote.

My remote control application can be configured to
- "send" a keypress to the active window (doesn't work, ePSXe ignores it)
- "send" Alt+F4 to the active window (only closes ePSXe's graphics window, the emulator keeps running)
- close the active window (same here, see above)
- close all Windows of ePSXe.exe (quits ePSXe alright, but screen stays at 640x480 resolution, memcard is not saved)

Can it be done that the foreground graphics window accepts WM_KEYDOWN or any WM_COMMAND as a quit command?

Does ePSXe really not save memcards when closed via WM_QUIT or WM_CLOSE?

So long and keep up the good work!
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You'll find that the input plugins are using Direct Input and won't respond to keystate messages sent to the graphic window in that way. I'll put together an application that will send keystrokes using a low-level API function called by the keyboard device driver and see if that works.

EDIT: Doesn't seem to work with ePSXe. On a side note, closing the ePSXe graphic window leaves ePSXe.exe dangling, that's why it doesn't save the memcards.
Thanks, I already guessed this could be the problem. So my post is indeed a feature request :)

Do developers read this board?
Yes. (I think so)
Hmmm. Long shot however:

1. enable the console debug window
2. send the alt+f4 to the debug window instead.
I'm not sure if this will help you, it's just an idea.
Have you tried ePSXecutor? It runs the emu for you, and when you press escape it completely quits ePSXe just like you were wanting. If your remote has directional buttons, you could keep several different configs to run with the remote, and ALT+F4 will close the front end with no problems. Just a suggestion, though.
Not the easiest way, but seems to work for me with Meedio.
I use Girder to control Meedio. From Girder options I have selected keyboard plug-in. Via that I'm able to send "esc" command to ePSXe program.
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