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Currently using rev2283, but I don't have the missing ones up to 2290 to get which one started this. Anyhow! on the matter...

Since such revision, emulation just doesn't get past that attached log1 point (logged is when trying to run the BIOS), not even with GSnull. The only way to get past that point, is by setting EE to Interpreter. It just stays there with a CPU load of 76-89 %. Then, if trying to run a game with skip BIOS enabled, it will reach the log2 but won't move any further and would just stay there with a CPU load of 40% (both cores evenly loaded).

I dunno what else to try. Thus, I was thinking on posting an "issue" but I would have to at least get since which revision it started. Between those revs, I see the SIF hack and the DMA change on 2289 that may have triggered this but don't have the builds to test it. Any ideas?
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