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Quick question...

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i have a quick question for you guys... as you may know i´ve been working in the @ES Project for quite long time now... sadly i didn´t had enough time to code as i wanted but at least is progressing slowly.

so here my question... do you guys have an idea how to display data/information in a nice/better way???? i don´t know how many of you do that but in my case i love to code my own controls and so i don´t have to touch the horrible windows/coding tools controls. as for now i´ve created 2 custom controls and they are:


the listview works quite fine and i´ve done all i can to reduce memory usage as much as i can.. atm i can display over 500 items and the memory usage of the whole app is still under the 60mb mark.. eventhough loading more items could increase the memory usage and there´s no much i can do... maybe someone has an idea about that.


The Coverflow is the concept i get the best results for data displaying.. atm i´ve added Virtualization and also i use some tricks of the old @ES to reduce memory usage and the results i get are just awesome. eventhough it seems like many people still like the listview mode.

Please tell me your opinion/ideas about it as its going to help me with the development of my app. also if you know any tricks or have any awesome concept please post it here and try to explain it to me so that i can imagine the whole workflow and so create the control at a later time.

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