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i've been using no$gba 2.6 for ages and i'm thinking about donating to get the latest version i have a quick question though if i dump the firmware from my DS will i be able to access it with no$gba to change the settings like putting in my nickname and setting the time/date etc. and would the settings be saved or would they just go back to defaults everytime i use the emu. also is the Dev still working on the emu as its been quite awhile now since any update was released. thanks for helping out with these questions.
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If you are changing your nickname and anything else using no$gba, then when you close the emu, the settings will change back to the way it was before you made any changes. To change the settings in your firmware and to save them, you will either have to change the settings in your real ds and dump it again, or use an editor program like this one.

As for your last question, we assume the development is still ongoing unless the author state that he has stopped working on it.
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