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Quick Q. From Admitted Noob

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I just got into N64 emulation and have downloaded Project 64 1.5 with SP1. I have noticed that each game seems to work better with a different configuration. My question is : is there a way to make PJ64 remember each games preferred configuration (so I can just click to open each rom and the proper plugins will load automatically)?
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Well... I know you can have it remember to automatically enable cheats for games on startup (like Zelda 64's sub screen fix)... not sure about that, though. You should try PJ64's offical forums at emutalk.
Good luck. :)
- Modem

Best thing I can offer you probably. I never managed to work out external configuration of N64 plugins, but it will make a snapshot of your N64 Plugin and PJ64 config and save it to a file. You can also bind each config file to a specific rom file you plan to use it on. Then, start your games from within the tool and it will automatically load the saved profile.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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