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Quick Updated Dolphin FAQ On important things

Playing Wii or Gc games on your pc at high resolutions makes most games look 10x better .ps dont forget to set widescreen hack on and 16:9 settings on on the Dolphin config settings and graphics options


Q.What processor and Cpu do I need?
A. Ive ran New Super Mario @ 55+fps on an old amd 3800dual core
and 7800 video card.U dont need very powerfull cpu just dualcore+

Q. I cant See my D3d or Wiimote Plugin/install files below
A.Download details: Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
Download details: Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64)
Download details: DirectX End-User Runtime
If the Redist online package installer gives you an install error youll have to find the complete install file online

Q.What settings do I use?what makes it biggest difference in FPs
1.Make sure Dual Core setting is on in the Dolphin config!
2.In ""Advanced 3d settings" under graphics icon Set EFB COPY TO TEXTUREif not ull be loosing 50% of FPS
3If Using widescreen16:9 resolutions set Widescreen hack on and anabled 16:9 on Wii settings under config icon
4.On some games Enabling progresive scan will screw up some games
5If you cant get your Gamepad to work use Falcon4ever plugin.

Q.Where do I download the latest SVN"beta" versions
A. Theres a couple they are in the SVN forums section of the dolphin site
Dolphin, the Gamecube and Wii emulator - Forums - General Discussion

Q.Mario Kart Wii says data is corrupted
A.You need to go to the save location of the game and add a save file.You do this by opening up
your Dolphin and right clicking on the Mario kart wii game.Click on "Open wii save folder" and place one of these files in there .If ur game is pal replace the file with pal and same for nstc

Q.Whats faster D3d or Opengl or X64
update A. as of r4635 D3d and Opengl are both as fast using 0xantilising and 16xanisotrophic.
After a lot of test today I found that Ogl might be a little faster I dont know
what they did but it helped OGL a lot . Runs Mario Kart wii faster

Q.Will There be Quadcore Support?
A.Enable Dual Core and Look at your Task Manger all 4 cores are already
being used at High Power .ATLEST IN WINDOWS 7
With widescreen hack img doesnt look stretched also look at core usage

Q.Why,arent some Wii games affected byAntilising, Anisotrophic filtering?
A.Bc devs havent got there yet. Although Using HighResolution on games like
Naruto Wii version will not produce high resolution textures or the use of antilising or anisotropic filtering
they still hurt your fps if you set them high.Try Opengl and the bleach hack setting on the Advanced settings and ull
get beautifull graphics at at a cost of some ui.Images below show the difference
After you click on image once click again to enlarge to full size

The first img has 16x anisotrophic and antilizing .you can tell the difference
eventhought these images lost quality on transfer to jpg

Q. I see White graphics , any way to fix it?
A. Yes on occasions Disabling or Enabling Fog will fix graphics issues
Like on New super Mario_OPENGL Displays some games perfect when
You DISABLE "Destination AlpHA pass.Fixes balck graphics on street fighter

Q.My wii games keep freezing
A.Wii games that use the Wiimote freeze a lot do to a"Wiimote is out of
Sync Error" Devs are still working on it.

Q. Why has it taken over 8 years to get this emu this good?
A. Bc there hasnt been many devs working on it and they do it for free
So be greatfull.

Q.Where do I download the Source? so I can compile myself
A.You can read on it on the SVN forums its a long process to get
Everything up and runing to compile

Q.Where do I get games?
A. You need to own the original disc, you can find various guides via Google explaining how to dump your games to your PC. In order to dump games a hombrew enabled Wii or Gamecube is required, alternatively certain models of LG DVD-Rom drives can dump Gamecube and Wii games.

Q. Why is your gramar bad why dont u fix it?B]
A.cause I dont give a dam what nerds think anyone with average lvl of
inteligence can make sense of this all

ps. I have been following this emulator since most of you were in your dippers. Just trying to help the new guys a bit.
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