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I'm currently experimenting a bit with ePSXe settings using both these Graphic Plugins (Pete's OpenGL2 and D3D Plugins), but there's one bug in particular that's really bothering me:

Whenever I press Escape to go back to the main ePSXe menu while Pete's D3D plugin is used, Windows Aero theme will revert back to the Basic theme and I'll receive an error that there was some compatibility problem that caused this to occur.

It doesn't happen when I use the OpenGL plugin. Anyone else experience this problem or knows of how to fix it?

OS = Windows Vista Ultimate (x86)
Graphic Card: ATI Radeon X1650 Pro Series

My next question;
Here's a video of gameplay of Grandia;
YouTube - Grandia - Justin You Perv

The graphics over there are much better than what I have for Grandia, and I was wondering if someone might know what settings were used in that video to get the Graphics like that. I've tried many things already but I can't get it to look as good.

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the D3D plugin interferes with DWM's DX9 so it disables itself.
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