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Questions on drivers

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I have a Riva TNT 2 ultra on Win 98 and its the 1st time im thinking in updating drivers, and there are some thing id like to ask

1 - Should i use the Detonator drivers? if so, could u tell me a tested version that doesnt give any problems (preferably offical or non beta) and where can i download it?
2 - Are these drivers executables or do i have to do the update driver in the card properties dialog?
3 - If anything goes wrong (like windows not booting), is it possible to revert to the other drivers withouth having to reformat the sistem?
4 - Any advise on installing this drivers so that nothing goes wrong?
5 - Will the new drivers mess w/ any configuration i had b4?

Im sorry to be bugging u w/ this, but as i said, its the first time im doing this and im afraid of fu**in up my sistem and having to reformat, cause the computer isnt really mine (its my father's, altough i use it much more than he does ;) and I want some more FPS on epsxe.

Well, thks in advance
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Grab the 12.40s from M3DZone, they're fine...

There's a readme in the zip on how to install..
aaarghhhhhhh great, now m3dzone just freezes the ie window its on.
I really gotta format my sistem...
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