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Hello guys,,
Not long ago my bro an I bought the same exact hardware (check sig), at the same time, from the same shop. Lately I OCed mostly to improve framerates in PCSX2 and few things surprised me.

We both have a G0 revision but with different VID, his is 1.325v and mine is 1.3v. Why this difference? It's variations in the CPUs themselves (in the same batch, strange) or it can be a report caused by an outdated BIOS? (I flashed mine, not him).
Also, I managed to OC mine to 3ghz, which gave me insane temps at 1st due to autovoltage regulating Vcore too high and the beginning of summer warming.
CPUZ showed a Vcore as high as 1.35v on auto, so I gradually undervolted to 1.28v (Bios value) and now it shows 1.216v on load. It made my temps drop noticeably but I wonder if being so close to the lowest stable voltage is bad for the CPU. Is it? (reducing to 1.275 didn't work, my mobo had to reset to default freqs and voltages). I think stable undervoltage is better than stable overvoltage for its lifespan and temps, but not sure about going too low.

Last but not least, what's the safety throttling temp threshold on Q6600? I reached 72°C on intensive stress tests. I thought it was were it would throttle but it didn't, and I believe think it's a bit too high for a prolonged use. Happily, even PCSX2 rarely makes it go above 68 and that's only on 2 cores when it happens. Still, I'd like to know what's the real threshold so I try to keep it below (I don't feel like buying another cooler yet).

Concerning my bro's CPU, I tried to OC it once to 2.7ghz, everything else left on auto, but after booting Windows when I checked it was still running at 2.4ghz. Could it be that his sucks so much that it can't go past stock settings? Either that or he has to flash his BIOS (or maybe I mistyped at the Save&Quit question ^^')
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