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Questions about Disc Images (SubChannel included)

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Always wondered about this. It's known that there's the function of "reading sub-channels of CDs"

Normally I'd use the original CD for this in case of problems. But according to the "perfect backup of PSX discs" guide, you get the .sub file as well when doing it right. (You actually get 3 or 4; .ccd/.sub/.img).

Normally you can just run the .IMG file, using the Run ISO function in ePSXe.

But what will happen with the other 2 files then? Even if you want to use the subchannels of the CD, doesn't it have to be ONE file? (And then of course MOUNTING that one file to run it as CD to use that subchannel option). Or could it be that the .CCD file takes care of that when you run THAT as an ISO in ePSXe?

So yeah, in short:
  • How does the whole .sub system work?
  • How does one use the "Enable SubChannel Read from" option when using Images instead of the actual CDs.
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select the CCD file instead of the image file.
Ok thanks. Had a feeling it was the CCD file due to what someone said in another thread. (About it working pretty much the same as a .CUE file). But needed to make sure.
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