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1.-about dolphin..why some games works something and others nothing? there a problem with some code permision of some games? how fix that?

2.-the wii iup videos what formats are?

3.-why the wiimote is disconected some times and doesn´t works more? can be fixeS?

4.- how to know if wii iso is bad and for this reason does´nt star?

i will be very greatefull for the answers . thanks :thumb:

note: in the new revision far cry is worst, the emu freezes when the message of nunchuck goes piece..usa doesnt start...wii surf doesn´t start, wii gt pro series bad size of screen and there are like 50 code exeption, mario soccer works fine in 3040 but with some specific configurtion, the save brokes the wiimote conection, metroid 2 i can´t use the l bottom, wii air seekers perfect, but there are others games more that does´nt star nothing
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