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Well, I found out about playstation emulation around a year back or so. I started with epsxe. I was skeptical at first, and was frankly confused at how it works. (Zsnes really spoiled us >_>) But a quick look at the helpfile and it was relatively simple to run. It worked without any bugs or glitches, and I was very impressed.

Well, recently, I found out there was a rather strong emulation scene going on behind the PS2 (Aka, this place) so I've got a question.

How similar is the scripting behind Epsxe and psxc2? They both use the scph bios series and require plugins to work effectively, so I was wondering how drastically different are the two emulators...

quite different; pcsx2 isn't at the level yet where ePSXe was at its first release. That is not to diss pcsx2. The authors just have a different release schedule; some emulator authors decide to release the emu early on in development stages, like happened with pcsx2 (and PSEmuPro, Ages, Satournin), others wait until they have one that runs a bunch of games at a playable rate and then release it (like ePSXe, Chankast and UltraHLE).
So, expecting that pcsx2 would run anything like ePSXe does it already would turn out to be a dissapointment. Still, quite a bunch of games do start now, but they hardly run at playable speeds yet; many games, if they run, will only do so at 1 or 2 fps. This has to do with the fact that the ps2 is a complex machine, requiring much, much heavier hardware than PlayStation 1 needs to be emulated. So, to make it short, the experience is not quit like ePSXe yet; however, if you're curious you can always try it out and see the current progress.
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