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Is it still piracy if you own the game but download the iso or bin file because
A. you to lazy to put the cd in and make it an iso on your computer
B. so much easier to just download the game all ready to go.
I can prove it with i dunno a serial number or something on it. well i dont really know how but i own the game.

Original question.
I have downloaded different iso. bin. or what ever files and all seem to have the same problem(other people say they work for them). The problem is in the dungeon the mini map or what ever you want to call it wont show monsters exits or traps even after using the loups or mirrors im pretty sure its a setting or something i need to turn on or off since all of them do the same thing. any help will be appreciated! (got the latest epsxe)

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A. Laziness breeds fat bastards
B. ISO's are more likely to be made by retards who miss out on the required sub files, and who make it to the ISO format instead of the PSX format.

Warez Policy

NGEmu takes a "no tolerance" stance against the trading/sharing/discussion of illegal software, also known as warez. Links to or requests for illegally-obtained commercial material, such as ROMs, ISOs, or BIOS images will not be tolerated. If you post in a forum for support and you are found to be in possession of illegal content, your thread will be immediately closed.
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