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Question with PSXE 1.6.0

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I recently installed this program and got it to work pretty good. I have Windows XP Professional, and Service Pack 2 (if that matters) with the SCPH-7502 BIOS plugin. I noticed that when i close PSXE sometimes under processes (after hitting CTRL+ALT+DELETE) it will stay on, and while testing it with different settings it would keep adding on so i'd now have PSXE 2-3-4 times running at the same time slowing me down. Why doesnt it close when i close it? or how do i fix that?
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Are you closing it by hitting Escape then going to File->Exit?
he just ssaid he was closing it under processes ;)

anyway sonyc, the proper way to close it is by pressing escape whilst playing and then closing the GUI.
got it thanks alot fellas.
hushypushy said:
he just ssaid he was closing it under processes ;)
Hey, it was early in the morning and I wasn't fully awake :p.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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