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I downloaded this version but when I run it and put in a PSX CD that I KNOW worked with AdriPSX ILE v1.0.5 (i.e. Crash Bandicoot 1) and then click "Emulation System" and then "Run CD", the CD drive revs up like it doing something, the emulation window dimensions change....and then nothing happened. I tried this for other games too and got the same result.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I tried this both as it's own stand-alone folder (with just AdriPSX.exe, readme.txt, and Interface.dll) since Roor said this release has the controller and CD-ROM plugins built-in. Then I tried moving these 3 files into my AdriPSX ILE folder and got the same black screen result.

What am I doing wrong? Does this version not have it's own built-in BIOS like AdriPSX ILE?

Thanks in advance.
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