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Question on NeoRageX

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one question here:
if u dload a rom (lets say, KOF99) thats not on the list, will u still be able to import it and play it in this last Version of NeoRageX?
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Yeah,it will be displayed at the bottom with a "?",and it will work(KOF99 runs really great with NRX).
thks, im looking 4 it right now :)
but i only found a Dload by pieces, i wantred the whole zip at a time...
ive tryed it and cant make it run
anyway, i love neorageX's interface and i read it lots of place it is the best neo go emu
but thkx 4 the suggestion
MAME is definately much more accurate than NeoRAGEx, but it's not as fast, on some configurations.. BUT, with the Neo-Geo driver being partially (fully?) rewritten for speed by the author of UOMAME, that has changed..
That's true i tryed it myself , mame is a bit better .
You got to admit, got to like the interface;)
But do be careful there are 2 kof'99 (kof'99(encrypted) & kof'99 prototype), choose the right one:rolleyes:
er, what is the right one?
hum, ok, that one was logical... :cool:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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