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Question about vurec

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Jes i have seen that there are 3 mods too change between at cpu configuration recompiler + vurec is not selectable i think thats because its only in the sse2 version but there stand need sse, mmx i think but need it sse2 too to be selectable

I hope you understand what i mean sorry for bad eng oO
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I have a amd barton prozz no 64 bit and then i dont can use this method right?
Or in the next fixed version with sse working?
If you dont have an AMD64/FX or a Pentium 4,Recompiler+VUrecs will be grayed out and wont be selectable,because your processor doesnt have SSE2...
You will only be able to use it with a new processor
Thx bositman but i read there wil be a other version with only sse suport is that right and will it then be selectable for normal 32 bit cpus?
No! Vurec will ONLY be selectable if you have SSE2 regardless of pcsx2 version
micro said:
Thx bositman but i read there wil be a other version with only sse suport is that right and will it then be selectable for normal 32 bit cpus?
Normal 32-bit CPUs? The Pentium 4 is a normal 32-bit CPU, and it introduced SSE2.
Ok oK when i understand it right then its just with sse2 compatible and i have to buy a new prozz with sse2 to use it.

Thx but i think when the vurec+recompiler will speed up the emu can someone tell me how much it will speed up with sse2
For example i have a barton with 2200 mhz and sse and i got in 3d fps about 1-3 in resident evil i have 7-10 fps

So if anybody have a system with a 64 bit cpu and sse2 and can test how much fps he got with 1. with interpreter and 2. with vurec+recompiler?

Hope u understand what i mean :thumb:
tested with devil may cry 3:
pcsx2SSE2 version show 60-80fps with my pc, but 10-30fps in battle scene.

pc specs:
AMD Athlon 3000+ (2.2GHz)
6600GT(ForceWare 76.45)
MB Albatron KT890 ProII
Corsairs XMS TwinX 512MB Dual Channel(256+256)
This is with sse2 ok between 10-30 in game thats nice :eyemove:

and can you please tell me how much fps you got with only recompiler enabled and then you got how much fps? thats what i wanne know

But what a kind of prozzi do you have is it an winchester core or what
No way you got above 7 FPS in Devil May Cry 3 ingame...i have an AMD64 4000+ with Geforce 6600GT using the same settings...
May be it happen when there are many moving character in the scene. fps drop below 10 when there is many character like in the battle scene & become high when just i'm alone walking to solve puzzle.

when only recompile enable....2-7fps. very slow.Mine is Winchester.
I guess it is possible to get that FPS when youre alone(Dante) on screen...anyway thats not the point of this thread ;)
Nice too see that somone answered i think with a sse2 compatible prozzi like 64 you got a few more fps but when you can oc the winchester to 2600-2700 mhz i think it will be a little bit better but i dont think i must have such a think just for playing ps2 games on pc

thats not possible atm with the hardware i know that but i just wanted to know how great the difference between this two systems are but i dont have devil may cry to test how much fps i have i this game but in other games i have tested i have in 3d only 0,5-2 fps and i have a radeon 9800 pro i think the nvidia cards are better for the emu right?

with pcsx 0.7 i have testet resident evil code veronica and i have 7-10 in game but dont know if its 3d :???:

And i dont have the game anymore too test it with 0.8 because my friend have take it back to him i just borrowed it and have too delete the image and the rest of my hdd when i moved to another motherboard with other chipset

but when my friend comes next time i will make a new image of the game to see how much fps i got with the new version

atm i just have games at home that dont show much 3d so i dont can test it :hdbash:
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