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Question about the FF7 Perfect Game

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To anyone that's done it:

I've looked at a couple perfect game guides and was wondering what's the consensus on Aeris? Is getting her to 99 and getting all her Limit Breaks before she dies part of the challenge? Do I KEEP Great Gospel in my inventory or do I use it on her? Any help would be appreciated :)
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I have got her to 99 and used Great Gospel and nothing special has happened so far. I have never tried to keep Great Gospel in my inventory. (Must say that I haven't ended that game yet.)

I didn't get the exact point in your question, but you can try two different saves. In the other, keep the Great Gospel, in the other, use it. Most of the stuff heard are just rumours. Go and see yourself, what's true and what's not.

BTW: Welcome to EF. :)
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