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That's one of my queries too these days.
I wanna know how many watts are required for each of the components:

CD Writer
2xCase Fans
1 TV Capture Card
1 Modem
1 Geforce 6600
and of course mobo and processor.
Mobo and Processor of course

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Techie said:
Mobo 45–100W 3.3+5+12V
RAM DDR 8-12W per 128MB 3.3V
DVD/CD 20–40W 5+12V
Hard Drive 10–35W 5+12V
P4 70–120W 12V
AMD (xp and up) 65-110W 12V
AGP Video Card 30–60W 3.3V
PCI Express Video 45–90W 12V
PCI Card 10-25W 5V
Case/CPU Fans 3-5W 12V

volts are the rails used

Require model no for exact wattage usuage (98% accuracy)

hope that helps :D
Woah good.......just what I needed. Thanks for the post !
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