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-=Question about ps2 emulation future=-

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Hi! I tried your emu. You done a good job. But I'm wondering, what will be in the future with psx2 emulation? I mean is it posible to make a good working ps2 emulator? After all pc is much more powerfull than ps2...
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Hi! welcome to our community.

Of course future PS2 (not PSX2 - I dunno why but I hate when ppl call this piece of hardware like that ;) ) will be much faster, will be able to do filtering, display gfx in highier resolution, loading times probably will probably be faster (as in PS2 with HDD) and many many more :) just wait some time (to be honest - quite long time) and for much more powerfull PC. Oh yeah, todays pcs are more powerfull than ps2, but that consoles architecture is different, very different, also coders of ps2 emus don't have full documentation for it...
Than it's cool. I hope you'll guys will create a very good ps2 emu. I think your going on the right way. And thank you for your work. In this way you' show them p2 games making companies ( its bad when they don't make good games on pc). :thumb:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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