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question about my video card...

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i have a trident mvp4 (it came with the cpu) well anyway sometimes my screen like flashes red and its kinda weird..i was thinking it wasnt a problem but its now doing it alot more frequently. if anyone could tell me what the problem might be id appreciate it. (btw my card isnt overclocked nor the cpu)
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Hmm... that could be anything.
1. Check the cable connection between your monitor and the video card (make sure it's not loose).
2. Make sure the video card is not loose.
2. Try testing it using a different monitor.

Basically, if all connections are OK, and the screen still flashes when you use a different monitor, then it's the card. Otherwise, it's the monitor. What monitor do you have, btw?
Are you using Pete's soft plugin?
Cause I get red screens sometime with it(mostly when I start a game).
everything connected fine..i dont have another monitor so cant try that out. raziel this doesnt happen usually in the happens when im doing other stuff on the a matter of fact its kinda flashing right now..hope it isnt overheating or somethin like that though that'd really suck
btw i forgot to add this. it doesnt matter what resolution or refresh rate i set it still does it (its fine at the moment hasnt happened since i last posted) any help will be greatly appreciated
when i worked as an onsite tech support person, i remember seeing old monitors do that.

and your description of gradual worsening fits the behaviour of a dying monitor.

try to turn the monitor tube off more often. if it's energy star compliant, use it. otherwise a normal "screen saver" wont be of much help. turn it off when you leave the computer for a long time.

in any case, it's almost time to get a new one :(

btw, i dont think it's the card because card problems dont lead to that kinda stuff. just my opinion tho.
i hope that not it but with my bad luck it probably is...yeah it is energy star comlpliant but i cant turn off my cpu to often (it a family cpu) that sucks really bad though if that the prob. oh well thx for the post
sorry to post again but it seems to be getting alot more frequent..any help on this will be very greatly appreciated..this would definitely not be a good time for my monitor to go out :(
Actually, what takwu said kinda rings a bell in my head.... I used to work in the IT department of a credit union, and I remember seeing old monitors do that... some of them red flashes, some yellow flashes.... but eventually they go out.

Sorry dude... the prognosis isn't looking too good right now....
I got an old Cirrus Logic 5436 video card and an old screen...I'm running in 800x600 and sometimes the screen flashes Yellow but it stop when I play a little bit with the screen connection into my video card in the back of my computer it usually stop (even if my connection seems well connected.:confused:) But since you know overclocking and all, you must've checked that in the first place...
So all I can do is wish you luck...

I know it's not a very constructive post but hey, you never know. It may ring a bell...
well, ok...
it is also possible, altho less likely, that a lose connection can cause this. i dont just mean how well it's plugged in. i mean the actual connection between the port and the card, or between the cord and the monitor (it's not a good idea to open up a monitor/tv tho, it could be hard to put it back together).

also make sure the plug at the end of the cord doesn't have any pins dangling or broken.

there might still be hope...
i think its the monitor
my brothers monitor started flashing yellow about two months before it died
i had a monitor that would eratically change its refresh rate and resolution before it died
it looked like what happens if you change your monitor to an unsupported resolution (not recomended unless you know how to fix it because you cant see anything on the screen)
everything seems to look pins broken or loose..and it seems to happen only when im not playing a game..but i havent seen it flash today..maybe i got real damn lucky and it stopped?
i got tat problem also for a year also (monitor 2 yrs old) da screen turn purple n sumtime stay for da whole time when i play game o online o anything else!! :mad:
i kno it is da monitor problems cuz i check it wit my dealer
o well i mostly use it wit my old comp neway
but i think there r a way to fix da problem or at least minimize it.
tis sound stupid but put a little fan on top of da monitor (lolz) or move to a place where there is less electronic around (especially away from a comp tat has a sux fan, like mine old 1 but i replace it though cuz it sux, almost burn up my comp) bcuz i notice tat when it get hot, it turn color...... hope tats help :eyes:
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