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question about memory cards

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do memory cards have infinite blocks as long as your hard drive has enough space? or does it have a limit such as 15?

also, can I manage my memory card and delete certain save game files from it?
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each memory card only has 15 blocks. that is the limitation of the PSX. however, you may have as many memory cards as you want (well, as much as your hard drive has space).

you can manage your memorycards, either PSXmemtool or PSXeven's built in managers will do it for you.
Running the console bios let's you manage the memcards as well.
hushypushy said:
(well, as much as your hard drive has space).
ePSXe memcards occupies an amout of 128kb of a 80GB harddisk would be able to store 80000(divided by)128.....
yeah but who's gonna need that many memory cards :p
Hee hee hee....who knows? GameFAQs? :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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