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Currently I have two harddrives and I believe that something has happened to one of the harddrives. So I decided to use the S.M.A.R.T. feature using speedfan 4.24 to find out which harddrive is breaking down.

Here is the problem:

a) One of my harddrives seems to take forever to access, create, move, copy, cut and remove data.

i.e. defragmentation takes 12 hours, moving a few gigs of data takes 10 hours,checkdisk also takes 5+ hours and windows takes 20 minutes to boot up and check disk can take 8 hours. And yes my operating system is installed on the problem drive. Lets call this HD #1.

b) According to the SMART results, it appears that the errors where detected on HD #2, the one that doesn't seem to have any problem.

Since I haven't used SMART before I have some questions:

1) The lower the rating means that the harddrive is getting closer to the end of its lifespan right??

2) Is there a chance that SMART detection results can be false?? i.e. reporting errors when there are none.

3) Can one bad harddrive affect the performance of another harddrive?? Maybe the bad harddrive makes it seem as if it is the other harddrive is broken?
Here is my system specs:

Enermax 365W PSU
ECSk7s5a mainboard
1GB DDR ram
SEAGATE 20GB hd => errors seems to be on this one.
MAXTOR 40GB hd => but SMART detects errors on this one.
1 floppy drive.
4x DVD writer
creative sound blaster live value
geforce fx5700 256MB

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I'd recommend you to test each drive individually connecting one of them alone as master in the primary IDE channel. Then use the manufacture's HD diagnose utiliy that normally you can download at their websites, they allow you to make a boot floppy or a bootable CD. You start your computer with the floppy and follow the instructions to diagnose the hard disk. For maxtor's, the utility is called powermax.

Also, I believe that you should upgrade your PSU for greater wattage.

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1) Yes.
2) No, SMART was built for a reason and you should take measures to backup your data when SMART detects a problem.
3) Yes it can. IF the OS is installed on the HDD that is having problems, it can slow down everything that could interface with the OS.

You may also want to test your ram with Memtest86; just to narrow down the cause of your slow down (you never know). Go to the manufacturer's website and download thier hard disk tools that will help you diagnose your hdd's. Sometimes if you low-level format your drive, that can help by blacklisting bad sectors on your drives. If all else fails then 80gb drives are very cheap now.


フェニックス said:
Also, I believe that you should upgrade your PSU for greater wattage.
No, his current psu should be fine. I run a 350w Enermax on my system which uses just as much power or even more than his does and it runs fine.
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