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Question about directx9 redist

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Hi umm I am having a problem installing dxwebsetup coz it keeps telling me a cabinet file cannot be trusted so I gave up fixing the error and download directx9 redist instead coz it doesnt give me any errors but when dx9 redist has been installed the dolphin "missing dx9 plugin" errors are still there. Is the only way to fix these errors is to download dxwebsetup? If so, then my hope of playing brawl on my computer is lost :cry:.
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Try to download not web setup version. Try to download offline installation version.
I did download the offline dx9 redist version but still I get missing plugin :(, and also satanic666 I want to know how so please can you post it here on how to do it....please :D.
Thnx so much man Im so glad dolphin event pad worked but wiimote plugin is missing. Is this still affected by DX9?
I installed visual c++ 2008 redist but wiimote still doesnt show up. Is there any thing that can fix this.
Yup, I installed Visual C++ SP1 2008 redist but still no wiimote option shows up.
Well nothing seems to fix this problem I had :(, btw can I play SSBB on dolphin with only dolphin event pad and not the wiimote option? (wiimote option still doesnt show up, only shows white blank.)
Ok so can I play ssbb on dolphin with dolphin event pad and not the wiimote option? I think it will never show up so can I use only dolphin event pad?
1 - 8 of 15 Posts
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