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Total Carat Weight
Children's Television Workshop
Corporate Travel World
Conquer the World
Context-Tree Weighting
Cologne-Twente Workshop
Changing the World
Carbon Trade Watch
Computer Trade Weekly
Communications Theory Workshop (IEEE)
Clifford T Ward
Cheat to Win
Criminal Trespass Warning
Carry That Weight
Clan of Tactical Warriors
Complain To Whom
Constructive Travel Worksheet
Certified Technical Writer
Code and Unit Test Walkthrough

what's CTW.....

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What inocloud wants to say: don't use abbrevations unless they are very common (like TWEWY, KOTOR).
As for your problem, there are several fix-it-alls you can try:
1) Set the correct savetype (see my sig and Schumi's FAQ)
2) Delete No$gba.ini
3) If you are running 2.6a, use one of the zooming utilities (NGZoom or No$Zoomer - the latter being recommended)
4) Look for a copy-protection bypass code (Google's you friend, as is DS-Scene News - Bringing the world together one DS at a time )
If non of this works, your game is likely unplayable.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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