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hi, anyone knows the structure of the data in the file "autoset.ini" in games folder?


Comment = "TK2PAL"
Option1 = 2020563 <--- clue about each one value? ex: 2-0-2-0-5-6-3
Option2 = 2021334
Option3 = 2022105
Option4 = 2022876
Option5 = 17251861
Option6 = 1206489
Option7 = 2025189
CpuDelay = 0
WhackedSpu = 0

anyone can explain some of the: "OptionX" values?
exist a guide or tutorial about this?


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PSXeven has two versions, the production release and my debug version. It contains tools and options not compiled into the production release. These options can be changed in the debug gui, but since it doesn't exist in the production release, i use the autoset.ini instead. I never released any documentation about them since the more info I give out, the more questions i get in my mail. I'm probably going to delete the ini file altogether in the next release. So you shouldn't mess with them:)

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I think it will be very interesting.

days ago, i try to run Metal SlugX and don`t boot (or something like that) the screen come black, and i add and change some random values in the autoset.ini file and the game shows some screens (unable to play) but now the screen change and show some stuff.

i think its a great option, so, can you sendme some info? or a small (home made) explanation of these values?

sorry if i cause some inconvenience to you.

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