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I was thinking about this a few hours ago while going thru music in Nebula Jukebox... wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to make .xm's or .it's of the game music without taking ages to make it manually in impulse/fast/modplug tracker

the program could rip each sample used in the song to the file, while making the sequence into the common tracker format (would also be a lot smaller and sound better than the wav/mp3's that nebula writes)

it's probably impossible to do so (i cant code!!!), but it's the thought that counts

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Hi, I know this is a really old post, but recently I've been looking for a solution to this as well. I couldn't find anything, so I tried to make my own program. Currently, it can just export samples, though. It works like this:

1) Create a folder and extract the program into it.
2) Copy your VGM of choice into the same folder.
3) Open the Command Prompt, go to the folder where you have extracted the program and then type "samples <name_of_vgm>", where you replace <name_of_vgm> with the filename of your VGM.
4) The program will output multiple files with the extension ".pcm" (those are the samples) and a file called "romdump.pcm" (not necessary for your purpose).
5) Open your favorite tracker and import the samples (signed, 8-bit).
6) Enjoy!

I'll make the program (along with the source code, do whatever you want with it) available when this forum allows me to.
Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for anything that you do with the program. If you screw up, you're on your own.
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