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Hey guys, sorry for not posting news yesterday, but I was really busy preparing for a test and fixing some real life stuff ... another reason I'm glad the new members joined us/will join us and hopefully fill those holes (thx Ryos!).

Anyway, right in time for his first anniversary did <a href="" TARGET="_blank">T-Chan</a> release a new version of his PSX movie player/file manager/memory card manager mix called PSXTulz. Despite the anniversary reason, the author also plans to stop developing on this one for some time now, and therefor releases it as version 0.03b with the following major changes :<ul><li>lower CPU usage, smoother playback
<li>better XA, STR and PSM support
<li>automatic IDE/SCSI detection
<li>better wnaspi support, Win2K supported now (I hope ^_^)
<li>ADX and AFS Audio file support
<li>more toolbar icons functioning, Playlist
<li>CD / CD Image Extract sectors (still buggy)</ul>The real list of changes is way longer, you can find those in the changes.txt included in the ZIP. Anyway, I've taken a look at the new version, here's a small overview about the really interresting stuff.

<a href="/psx/pics/psxtulz/psxtulz_1.gif" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/psx/pics/psxtulz/psxtulz_1s.gif" BORDER=0 align="left"></a>On startup, you'll firstly notice that you don't need to configure your CD drives any more, this is finally done automaticly. The movie player, one of the biggest reasons most people here are interrested in this tool, is finally controlable - however a mouseover infobox wouldn't be a bad idea, as well as some less blocky buttons. The playlist is a good idea, though I'm not sure if PSX users really want to watch that many movies that this will become handy. I can also confirm that PSXTulz works correctly in Win2k now, so it's an alternative to <a href="" TARGET="_blank">PSmplay</a> here as well now.

<a href="/psx/pics/psxtulz/psxtulz_2.gif" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/psx/pics/psxtulz/psxtulz_2s.gif" BORDER=0 align="right"></a>On the other hand, there is the memory card manager which, sadly enough, hasn't been changed at all: Game names are still incorrectly displayed (as you can see on the pic to your right, and no, this isn't a japanese save) and not all memory cards I tried could be opened - <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Aldos memorycard manager</a> still does a better job in this area.

However, it's easy to see that the movie playback functions did an amazing progress, and the playback of most movies is possible now, with really nice speeds, so PSXTulz now gets into PSmplay's level here - finally worth a try for PSX fans who want to watch their movies again without playing through the whole game. Anyway, enough talking now : To download the new version, <a href="/download/pafiledb.php?action=viewfile&fid=49&id=5">click here</a>. For alternative PSX movie players, check out our <a href="/psx/tools.php?page=movies">PSX movie players section</a> !
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