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Ok i got this PSX to USB adapter from RadioShack some time ago,but i used a ps2 controller with it instead of a PSX one.
Now i try to use it and my XP pro dosent recognize it!!>,< I thought I might deleted the driver or something because i used SpyBot and AVG this morning and deleted a few things, so I took my DRIVER DISK and tried reinstaling it, and i got nothing...
Ewery time i plug in the adpter i get a message saying something like"USB Device Not Recognized", and no matter how many times i try to reinstall it i get the same thing..
Maybe one of you knows how might I fix this or maybe one off you had the same problem or maybe u know where I can find another driver or something because i have no idea what to do next....

EDIT: Here's a link to the USB adapter link

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I had that problem in 2 differnt cases. I've bought 4 generic cheapy PSX adaptors. One of them died with said error. The other time I plugged it into another port and all was good.
I never needed external drivers for those adaptors tho
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