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PSX to PC controler

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Well I just built the printer port adapter for PSX controler.
Works great with my standard controler, but I cant calibrate my
dual shock, it just jumps around as if it is spiking all the time, and
in epsxe it does things when ever it likes.
Looked through old posts and found no real help.

Checked wiring all OK.
Red analog buttons comes on nice and strong.
12V supply is correct, I do get good vibration.
Just in case tried an external 5v supply no difference.

Not sure what to do?
any help would be great.


Amd k62-400
Asus P5a-b M/B
192 MB ram
Voodoo Banshee 16M
Playstation Digital Controller
None genuine Dualshock(maybe the problem?)
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try this it might help you to set your controller
Thanks FireGL,

Downloaded and shall try tonight get back with the results.

another thing try to disable one of the option like spring rumble or any of the dual shock option it might help i never had this problem... yes i build my own game controller too and adding a external voltage for shock motor will make it more stable
another utility if that dosnt work
driver for win2k though its a jap version works for digital only still under development......... better than nothing for win2k users i guess
Well gave the DX Tweak ago didnt help at all.
I have an external power supply for my 12 volts.
Buttons just randomly press on the DP pro calibration screen. you can sit there with the controler in your hand not pressing a button and off it goes on it own merry way. gets even worse if I press the anologue button. but having a seperate 5 volts made no difference.
works fine with a standard PSX pad just my dual shock pad.

if i recall, there is a problem with it detecting the dual shocks that use an electrical switch to enable the analog sticks.
by electrical, i an talking about pushing a button and the light goes on to indicate that its in analog mode. the other kind of switch is a manual one where its a switch that you move to turn on the analog functions. i would try looking on the direct pad pro web site for the solution. hopefully they have an faq or a forum or something that will be helpfull
correct me if i'm wrong, but the directpad pro website has been gone for a while now.
Thanks a lot :)

At least I now know the fault, I thought it may have been the controler. Oh well Ill go and grab another and give ago.

Thanks for your help.

hay...i got a ps joy ... but i dont know how do use a light gun with it do u know how???:cool:
i dont think that the light guns work with any emulator
not even nes and snes ones

something about the refresh rate and lack of scan lines (im talking real scan lines not the emulated ones)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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