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PSX emus status

Coming with the new page launch, we'll also launch and post several cool features over the following weeks ... let's start with this small but interresting one : Here's a PSX status update with some interresting new details :

<b>ePSXe</b> - The most popular one
While I'm certain most of you hoped for a status update on the most popular emu, I got to dissapoint you - there has been NO progress during the summer, the programmers took a well deserved break from it ... if/when it will resume, we'll have to see.

<b>AdriPSX</b> - Returning from underground ?
When Roor announced several months ago that AdriPSX would go private, people even started to think it'd be over with this great emu. But exactly the opposite happened, Roor developed more and more and great progress has been made ... which we *should* show you on some screenshots now, but for some bad reason I lost them - as soon as Roor sent them again, I'll of course update you with them.

Congrats to Roor for this great progress, I'm really looking forward to this new release, which is said to appear in the close future.

<b>FPSE</b> - Any chance of survival
In <a href="" TARGET="_blank">this thread</a> on an italian message board, there's a poll held if you'd be interrested in Kaillera support for FPSE ... while this wouldn't be really interresting, I got infos from a good source that a good result might actually results in another last update ... so go vote and voice your opinion !

<b>FPSE ports</b> - Still progressing nicely
FPSE is known as one of the best portable emus, but there've been no ports from v0.09 so far - but lu_zero, doing the BeOS, linux and qnx ports, reported a great status update ... to those of you who know the problems with FPSE's MDEC routine, these shots of FPSE BeOS will tell everything :<center>
<a href="/pics/psx_feature/befpse_1.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/pics/psx_feature/thumbs/befpse_1.jpg" BORDER=0></a><a href="/pics/psx_feature/befpse_2.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/pics/psx_feature/thumbs/befpse_2.jpg" BORDER=0></a><a href="/pics/psx_feature/befpse_3.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/pics/psx_feature/thumbs/befpse_3.jpg" BORDER=0></a>
<a href="/pics/psx_feature/befpse_4.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/pics/psx_feature/thumbs/befpse_4.jpg" BORDER=0></a><a href="/pics/psx_feature/befpse_5.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/pics/psx_feature/thumbs/befpse_5.jpg" BORDER=0></a><a href="/pics/psx_feature/befpse_6.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/pics/psx_feature/thumbs/befpse_6.jpg" BORDER=0></a></center>
Yay, the MDECs problem has been fixed! lu_zero converted Pete's software plugin so that it now uses, uhm.. well, let's just say the MDECs shouldn't bother you anymore :p

<b>PSinex</b> - We're all waiting for a release :)
And still no release from this VERY promising emulator - but another status update ! Psychojak was kind enough to leave me some screenshots from the new configuration screen and all I can say : WAU!! Big congrat to Psychojak and his team mate Shunt, but take a look yourself :<center>
<a href="/pics/psx_feature/psinex_1.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/pics/psx_feature/thumbs/psinex_1.jpg" BORDER=0></a><a href="/pics/psx_feature/psinex_2.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/pics/psx_feature/thumbs/psinex_2.jpg" BORDER=0></a><a href="/pics/psx_feature/psinex_3.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/pics/psx_feature/thumbs/psinex_3.jpg" BORDER=0></a></center>

That's about it for this time already ... hope you enjoyed it, there's more cool stuff coming up soon, so keep checking back here at NGEmu !
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