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i was wondering if any of the psx emulators ,can work with 3d ripper dx . i already know pcsx wouldn't work , at least for me it doesn't XP.

i was looking into the debuger on pSX (psxfin) and found a rather interesting sight . i had captured a single frame from the game and looked though parts of it . i found a hierarchy of where a 3d model would be with a coordinate system idk

heres a mach up of what i found
   madr=(hex code)
   bcr=(hex code)
   chcr=(hex code)
   otag  -i think it stands for object tag-
      0 words @ (hex address)
      9 words @ (hex address)
         polyt4  -my guess , it means its a poly-quad-
            xy0=340,84  -i think these are the X and Y coordinates to a single vertex of the quad -
            uv0=49,126 -but i dont get this , or where the Z coordinates are-
            ( 3 more sets of tags like the last 2 )
            tge=1   -no clue what these last 4 properties are either- 
   ( then it skips back up to the next "9 words @ (hex address)" )
with some info on this and how to get it working i'll make my own program to extract the models if i have to. i just need the info on these prpoerties so that i can format them , and info on how to find these 'dma' objects while the game is running and save them to a txt file if need be
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