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:idea: Ok, I'm working on a memory card tool at the moment a have come across a couple of problems, maybe the emu authors may be able to help:

1. How do I convert the saved game's title that is stored in the memory card from Shift JIS to a displayable format (preferably with Japanese characters also). I know the title is 32 characters long, each character being 2 bytes, do I need a special font?

2. Could anybody help out with any documentation regarding the different types of PSX memory card formats there are. I know the PSX uses a file 131,072 bytes long for a standard memory card, but .mem and .gme files have header information stored before the main data, is there anything special about these headers? I have been to the PSX Documentation Projects website and, although this has been extremely helpful, I need a bit more information. Anyone know of any PSX groups that may have such information.

Hopefully somebody may be able to help me out...
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