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psx games we shouldn't miss

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well since we can consider that the first psx is dead, what are the games we shouldn't have missed ?
i enjoyed playing the following games:
- crash bandicoot 2 & 3
- tomb raider 2&3&4 ( i didn't liked the 5)
i think we have a better gaming experience when tomb raider 3 is emulated (this game is so hard, save states help a lot)
- final fantasy 7,8, 9 (i prefer the 7)
- medievil 1
- rayman 3d (very nice, but i found the game life too short)
- i didn't liked so much tekken or gran turismo (yes, that's how i am)

and that's all for me
any jewel missing from my list ?
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plenty. i dont even know if i should get into this.

but where are

metal gear solid
parasite eve 1 & 2
tony hawk's pro skater 1 & 2
chrono cross
gran turismo

man i could go on for days.
Tekken Tekken Tekken 3 :p

-Bushido Blade 2
-Street Fighter alpha/zero 3
Squaresoft-Enix Games. Period.
oh, ya asked this question because after eliminating fighting games and racing one (which i don't like so much) the list becomes much shorter...
Enix games, good idea . i've heard that theses one are as good as the squaresoft ones. Will search a game of enix next. Also i'm going to play "vagrant story" from squaresoft, only 1 cd, but i've heard that's a good game.
Curiously no one mentionned "Resident Evil". (never played it)
Wel,l i still have a big list of games to discover even i restrict this list to the best ones. :lol:
i dont find resident evil to be that great. awesome story, crappy and repetitive games IMO.

how about the lesser mentioned games like Killer Loop and Ball Breakers? RPG maker was pretty sweet too and so was syphon filter...what about CTR? man now you got me going :p oh wait CTR is a racing game. oh well. what about Crash1?
Don't forget Silent Hill and Valkyrie Profile. The tekken games are good too.
Hmm... I thought it's about games we shouldn't miss, miss as in longing for :lol:
Resident evil... only the second one... first it's the foretaste how survivall horror could be like on PSX generation consoles and third is just heated up resident evil 2 (with bit different story, of course I'm writing about the game play)
You gotta add some of the best RPGs ever:
Dewprism (Threads of Fate)
Chrono Cross
Star Ocean 2
i already mentioned chrono cross :p

what about puzzle games like TETRIS PLUS!! OH YEAHHHHH that was a good game
thanks all, was believing before that "chrono cross" was a racing game ....
never played crash 1 because i've heard that the 2 is the 1 heated up.

pfff, added to these ones all the "nitendo 64" or "game boy advance" games i can emulate (didn't played Zelda or pokemon sapphir yet!)
just too much games ..... discouraging.... will return to work. :D
crash 1 is a much different game, try it, it's fun ;)
Grand Transimo 2 - Just for the graphics alone.
Mega Man X4 - Considered to be one of the best Mega Man X games in the series.
Thousand Arms - Dating anime game for America!
Update: Tenchu - There's some flaws in the game, but one of the first shealth games for the PS One.
that reminds me i need to play thousand arms.
performed a search for "thousand arms", doesn't seem to be well know.
good game but cannot be compared to big ones like "final fantasy"

a full review here

also this games is available in few languages (could not find french)
thousand arms is decent, but not all that great. then again, my opinion might be a little skewed seeing as how many problems it gave me when i played it through with epsxe.
Megaman X4, and Xenogears

games imitated, but never duplicated...
x4, capcom's followups of x5 and x6 just pales in comparison to x4

xenogears is a game on it's own really...
Star Ocean 2, Tales of Destiny, Valkyrie Profile, Threads of Fate, Suikoden 1, Suikoden 2, Parasite Eve 1, Harvest Moon, Bust-A-Move 99 (Bubble Bobble, not the DDR type game)... hmmm that's all I can think of at the moment :) I should dust off my case of PS1 games and look to see if I missed any others...
Front Mission 2, IMHO a true classic. I haven't played Front Mission 3 yet, but only 3 and 4 of the series are in English, though.
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