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I have PSXGameEdit, a working memory card image for ePSXe, and a problem almost identical to this guy's:

I've been playing a back up of the second disc of Legend of the Dragoon on my slim ps2 by using the swap method while at the ps screen with the sensors taped. I'm doing this because right after I beat the Lenus and the dragon at the end of disc 2 it freezes...i gave up on the game and started over again recently and the same thing happens on my friggin back up. My buddy beat it using ePSXe and the iso images, so I'm trying to put my save in his ePSXe memory card file with PSXGameEdit and finish the game. I now need a method to take my save off my psx or ps2 (FMCB) memory card to my pc.

I tried ftping the game save with uLaunchElf to my computer and then incorporating it with the .mcr with PSXGameEdit but I get an error every time I try to no matter what I rename the extension, as it comes without one. The file name is "BASCUS-94491drgn0000".

Any suggestions on how to get my save from my memory card to my computer so it will work with ePSXe are very welcome, even if it is completely off from the bull I got going on up here :)

If this was way too long and confusing as I suspect it is let me know and I'll try to

Edit: I don't know if this helps, but I have a fat ps2 as well as the slim.

Edit #2: I found the solution. PSX Raw Converter. It converts the raw save into and mcs from there you incorporate it with a mcr and then save it as a file compatible with epsxe, my choice was .gme.
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