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PSX emulator for PSP??...

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...or just photoshop again?

Playstation Emulator in Development ?

Is this a screenshot of a Playstation emulator is is it a fake? Running at 61 frames per second it is very fast. Also there is no memory stick light on (and you would think there should be) but this does look like a Playstation emulator.

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let it be, please god!
heh... this PSP makes me scarry... because of it I'm thinking about selling my PS2 and buying one ;)... or the othere possibility 'not eating, not drinking, not... ect, but earning money just for PSP :evil: ;)
Of course this is fake.
but some day, maybe ;)
Yeah fake .. same screenshot as

It would be cool to see if my buddy LDChen could port over FPSE .. already has great results on PocketPCs.
Even though I know it's fake, one is allowed to hope :)

Anyway, I'll probably never get a PSP. Too expensive for my tastes. But the emulation possibilities are... fascinating.
That screenshot does look nice. But the PSP should be able to handle Ps1 emulation.
Well, I doubt that I will purchase a PSP anytime soon....but, whatever emulation projects actually start off...I will be supportive to the extent I deem possible.

...and whoever is lame enough to create these false images....shame on you...

r2rX :)
Yeah, I hate fake shoots...just get people going. Also you wouldn't really need photoshot with that would you? you can load picture with psp right? so just add something on the right of the picture then load it on the psp...?
I'm sure by the time the PSP had been out for a while and cheaper, there'll be some nice emulators made for it.:) That's usually when I think about purchasing anything.
Heh, so he could have fooled us if he make screenshot himself? Duh.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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