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PSX emulation on a GameGear

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Do you think it's possible to make an PSx-emulator for the GameGear??? (with CD-Rom acces by DiskMan)
:D This thread is just a joke... <font size=+1 color=FF0000><b>[Sorry, I know, it don't belong to this Forum]</b></font>
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Maybe it's possible if you connect 1000 GameGear working in parallel..... :)
Hell link a few more together and you could probably launch a nuke!
Ok players ( and porter: hello lu_zero ),
Because nobody had thinking about that before, We <u><i>MUST</u></I> start the project:
"1000 Game Gear For a PLaystation"...

Please, If you are develloper (under SEGA environement), or BeOS porter: Just post your IDEA hera to make it true...

If anybody wonder about my Mental health,
you should not, i'm definitly CRAZY and proud of that :D
The problem is to get 1000 GameGear... Maybe we can start another interesting project.... Emulating a PSX using a network of Intel 286 working in parallel.... We can subdivide this network in subnetworks each one working on a different part of PSX hardware... We can build a subnetwork of 286 that emulates the MIPS R300 processor by using a parallel pipeline, then a parallel subnetwork for emulating the GTE by using the coprocessor of each Intel 286 processor... We can deliver the GPU operations at only two machines (i think that it's sufficient)...the same for the SPU, for the other things (pad, CDrom, etc) i think that one machine is sufficient....
Nice idea...I know the outcome ::

Network Bottleneck
and If we get 2000 Game Gear, we will try to emulate 2 players games by link-cable :eek:)!!!!

I know, I'm a Genius, I'm the Future of Emulating...:idea:

Sony PS2 Owner: Go fast sold your Consol, I'm gona make a Ps2 Enhanced Emulateur On Mobile Phone.
Oh yeah and with 1000 of them we could get a groooovy video wall effect for the display also!:D
I don't think we can,
But my PS2 emulator on "Tamagotchi" works great,
I just ad the 2 play support and i realeased my Emulator :D
i emulated the PS2 on a brick!!!
mwahaah, beat this one :p
Yeah SekXX you're a big joker !

Va falloir arreter l'teuch (ca rend con) et la branlette (ca rend sourd!!!):D :D
English @ bottom...

la branlette jamais,
d'ailleurs, je suis le fondateurs du M.P.L. institut(e):
Le Mouvement des Puceaux Libéré,
Le site est en cours de maintenance,
je te préviendrais une fois terminé,
en attendant, test mon jeux Tuer les pauv' comik: les robin des Bois

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Sorry this french post as no interet so there is no translation

Ca s'est sur !! Aucun interet !!!:D
La signalisation dans un forum anglais dans une langue qui n'est pas anglaise est juste grossière plat.


Originally posted by Neojag
i emulated the PS2 on a brick!!!
mwahaah, beat this one :p
Ha! old! I've emulated an xbox using 2 sticks and some string!:D
hum... er...
well... HAH, i made a win 3.11 emulator 4 winXP :p :p :p
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