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PSX emu tutorial for newbies

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I was using kaazaa, and suddenly someone started to talk to me by the kaazza messaging system, he wanted to know how to conf epsxe, and how to use a emu. He didn´t know anything!

I suggested that he look this page...

So i suggest to to get a playstation tutorial, for newbies. It will improve the quality of this site. (It´s really good).
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we've tried that before.
the problem is that newbies generally have this strange habit of not actually reading documentation before asking everyone their question, which of course has probably been answered umpteen times..
yeah. Newbies just wan to play most fast that they can.

I think everyone that uses emu, already spend a lot of time reading docs, after trying to use and have no success with emus.
I'm working on something for that ... might have a screenshot ready this evening already ;)
Hmmm are correct..Newbies seem to breeze past the "readme" the faqs...and any docs....Most of the questions you guys answer could have easily been resolved using the answer? ..probably what Bobbi is eluding to...we have put together a few guides for Wormie that would show a Newbie with illustrations...If that doesn't help..then they are just plain lazy and should not be emulating anyways...
If this new thing is anything like

I'm scared ;)

You know what funny thing happened to me today ? I re-called what "some" (no names pls) people told me about NGEmu during it's "development" (won't be finished this millenium, will never be online, will horribly fail) ... well, we're online, and it seems people are satisfied with us so far. What else could you wish ?

Hups, now how did this get into THIS thread ? :eek:
Oh please. Pleasing the masses is as easy as tying your shoe..
Bobbi, I'm sure most people is surprised with the good job you did. We love you, man!

Just ignore those people(the ones who told you the things, not the ones who are satisfied).
Surely 'The Master of Emus' has more of a clue than that.
If pleasing the masses would be 'as easy as tying your shoe', then e-business, no, the whole WWW, no, the whole economy, no, the whole <b>world</b> would look a lot different..

.. just my $0.02.
Tut tut tut Thorgal, I expected better.

Maybe I should rephrase, 'pleasing the emu-masses'.

Better? ;)
"I expected better" ?

It's true, though. Not everyone has the intelligence, manipulation or charisma (just to name a few roleplaying-terms ;)) to convince/lead/please the masses. Otherwise, our history, with all its different empires/countries would look a lot different, thus affecting the world we're living in, and the whole economy, which has a key role in the world, would be quite different, to say the least ;)

As for your rephrase, yes, it is better, though it still isn't completely true imho, as there's still lots of folks in the scene out there who have enough brains to be able to come up with some criticism.
Yep, pleasing the emu masses is easy.
It takes like no time (2 hours a day is like nothing, the day has 24 hours - that's only 8.33 percent of the day !), no time to get started (hey, the two people who created the biggest parts of NGEmu only skipped their life for about 1 1/2 months ... keeping in mind you're living about 70 years, that's only a lousy 0.17% of our live !!!) ... pretty lousy.
We're been building up our good image (well, the one I hope we have :)) and collected exclusive news to attract more visitors for a lousy 2 years and 1 month now ... muahahha - was that easy !

And the emu authors ... ePSXe has only been developed about 6 lousy months before the release ... it didn't take more time to please the emu masses with the best PSX emu ... imagine that, you'll only have to sit down for half a year and you're able to make the best PSX emu ... woah, man are YOU guys easy to please.

Okay, now I gotta go ... have to find out how to tie that stupid shoe until x-mas ... see you by then !
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Oh really?

Do you actually read these boards? And/or other emulation ones?
People get worked up over shitty hex editing of old emu's, and screenshots of as yet unemulated roms. The average user on this board is a ****ing clueless twat. Dispute that, and you're either one of them, plain lying, or both.
Bobbi: You're misinterpreting my statement.

Lots of work, or not much work, the end result is the same. PSXEmu's original design, etc. was pleasing to the masses, and you yourself think it sucks.

You comparisons with all your hard work and whatnot, and especially ePSXe, prove your ignorance to my statement.
Originally posted by Phuzzi
People get worked up over shitty hex editing of old emu's, and screenshots of as yet unemulated roms. The average user on this board is a ****ing clueless twat. Dispute that, and you're either one of them, plain lying, or both.
Yeah, welcome average user ... and I'd really suggest you leaving this board then, must be boring for an emulation 3l33t like you ;)
I try to help others, not post stupid bullshit about old arguments (no names pls, ehhh ?). Get a clue.
Emulation should not me for avarage win32 luser...


please consider that epsxe is 6month of work wit pretty solid basis...(that took years of developement...)
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