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PSX Disc Repair

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Two of my PlayStation games (namely the old-school titles of Soviet Strike and Assault Rigs) have a few scratches on the black side that basically make them "unISOable" (and in AS' case unable to get past the intro). There are a lot of companies I've seen, and a few home-kits to buy in which CDs can be repaired as long as the label-side isn't scratched and the CD isn't cracked or broken. I'm just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with any home-kits or companies and for their opinions on it.

Thank you.
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I heard that Disc Doctor thing you can get at wal-mart works well. Basically it skims off a layer of the disc and shines it all up. Its worth a try :rolleyes:
Actually this works wonders, but BE CAREFULL, use it to much and your disc will no longer work at all. To be on the safe side just use it once or twice. I did my Legend of Legia disc, then let a friend borrow it, and had to do it again <_<, after that it skipped around on my ps2, but was fine on the computer for a while...after a month or so it just became unreadable.

Best bet is to try the toothpaste trick, that works wonders and as long as your toothpaste doesn't have crystals in it, there is no harm, it worked fine on my Blood Omen disc that I bought preused and was HORRIBLE.
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