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well ive read it from Cheat code central heres a bit of info that ive read

It's been rumored to have been in development since the official announcement from Sony regarding the inevitable changing of the guard from the PSX to the PS2, and Sloof Lirpa has come a long way in developing the system that they said could never be done. This largish black box (that compliments the look of the PS2 without infringing on any design or architectural copyrights), does exactly what it says: It allows you to play PlayStation 2 games on the good old PlayStation. There is a slight catch though. Not all of the games work (yet) and the PlayStation To PlayStation 2 Converter Review
By: John Doe
peripheral is only compatible (at least at this writing) with the 1001, 5001 and 7001 model PlayStation's. Future plans are of course, to make it piggyback seamlessly with the later 9001 and the recently released PSone models. As well, the DVD functions are not implemented fully yet, so the converter can play DVD games but not DVD movies. Sloof Lirpa expects this to be ready for version 2.0 which is set for a June 31, 2001 release. All those who purchased an earlier version of the converter will be able to upgrade with a minimal fee.

An Inexpensive Way to Play PS2 Games
Smart Looking Device
Could Malfunction and Cause Serious Injury or Worse
Can't Play All Titles
Only Compatible with Certain PSX Models
Load Times Are Slow
RAM Glitches
Decal Shortage Means Only Half of Shipment Will Be Available at Launch

i dont know how to attach an image but i hhave some screen shots

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Tell me if I'm just seeing things, but.... well the game shown on the TV set is Onimusha... and as we all know it has an 'M' rating... but the game inside the PSX unit... that looks like it's only a 'T' (teen) rated game..... :p

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WOW :surprised: you guys are amazing, I will never see if that pics was a fake or not, you guys are my idols :love:
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